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Peterson Unveils Maxi-Seal’s Powerful New Anti-Corrosion Technology

GRANDVIEW, MO (March 2011) – Peterson Manufacturing, owner of Maxi-Seal® Harness Systems, has introduced a powerful new weapon against trailer wiring’s deadliest foe: corrosion. It’s called DEFENDER®, a modular harness/lighting system with the toughest integrated moisture/corrosion protection ever engineered.

The DEFENDER® system features extremely robust harness components along with Piranha® LED lights––all totally sealed against moisture and corrosion through Maxi-Seal’s exclusive Power-Seal Technology®. An extended warranty backs the system against defects – and corrosion – for an unprecedented ten years.

“Combating the ‘chemical cocktail’ on today’s roads is a huge issue for the trailer industry,” said Tim Gilbert, Heavy-Duty/Fleet Sales Manager at Peterson. “DEFENDER® is simply the best technology now available for fighting back. It’s easy to route and install, virtually maintenance-free, and absolutely awesome against corrosion. Our field tests prove it.”

Peterson and Maxi-Seal launched field tests in 2008, partnering with one of the world’s leading carriers to test DEFENDER® performance on a fleet of 20 semi-trailers. At the one-year mark, random inspections showed all connections were still in pristine condition. Today, after millions of test miles over all types of roads in all kinds of weather, not a single problem has occurred.

“Our tests will continue for the life of those trailers,” Gilbert said. “Given the sterling results so far, we’re confident DEFENDER® will continue living up to its name.”

Behind the system’s remarkable performance is Maxi-Seal’s Power-Seal Technology® where advanced engineering, quality materials, and leading-edge manufacturing techniques come together to deliver unparalleled performance: • Universal distribution module • Heavy-duty terminals • Long-life silicone seals • Installation-friendly modular plugs • Sealed break-out molds • Improved .180 bullet mold design • Integrated moisture barrier • Dual isolated grounding • Sealed terminal rings • Innovative J560 connectors

Totally sealed lighting components complete the DEFENDER® system: • Performance-matched Peterson LED lights • Weather-sealed connectors • Linear-welded lamp housing • Acrylic DR lens • ABS housing

Several challenges faced the DEFENDER® design team. One was imbuing the entire system with a robust trait Maxi-Seal calls IMB––Integrated Moisture Barrier. Another was limiting system materials to those readily available in the market place. Still another was ensuring manufacturing ease and repeatability across the variety of sealed connector configurations available.

“It was a massive undertaking,” Gilbert said. “But on every count, our people delivered. OEMs and fleets now have a product capable of lasting the lifetime of their trailers. That’s with no maintenance other than the normal replacement of worn J560s. Should an external event damage a harness component, the modular design allows easy replacement of the part without affecting system integrity.”

According to Gilbert, eliminating only one costly repair event of a corroded harness system would more than pay for DEFENDER®. "We're proud to bring this exciting new product to market. It's truly the versatile, tough anti-corrosion weapon the industry's been looking for."

Maxi-Seal is a leading maker of custom-engineered wiring harness systems, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Peterson Manufacturing. ISO 9001:2008 certified, Maxi-Seal serves OEMs across a wide range of vehicular and other industries worldwide.

Peterson Manufacturing Company is a world-leading innovator in the production of a complete line of vehicle safety lighting, mirrors, reflectors, antennas and related products. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Peterson Manufacturing is a key subsidiary of Peterson Corporation, 12 highly specialized companies and over 3,000 people working in global transportation-related industries.

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